Ceramic Foam Filters

Dominant activity of the LANIK company is represented by manufacture and sale of the ceramic foam filters used under the trade name VUKOPORĀ® mainly in the foundry industry and in the primary aluminium production. The VUKOPORĀ® filters are characterized by a very open 3D structure of the ceramic matrix created by the system of mutually interconnected cells. The filters are suitable for filtration of non-ferrous alloys, grey and nodular iron, steel and superalloys.

Ceramic Cups

The ceramic cups are designated for investment casting technology. They are made of high-quality ceramic material and pressed at high pressure, by the so called semi-dry technology. The cups are fit for casting ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals, withstand the most strenunous conditions for casting products for the aircraft industry.

Ceramic Cores

Ceramic cores MP are designed for castings made by the lost wax method. They are made by the technology of medium pressure injection moulding (mixture of ceramic and wax). By our technology cores with thin (0,35 mm) as well as thick (>100 mm) cross sections can be produced.