Pattern Waxes have long been the preferred choice of demanding investment casting foundries worldwide. Renowned for batch to batch quality and consistency, Pattern Waxes are the direct result of compounding only the highest grade, fully refined petroleum based waxes, resins and other proprietary additives. When required, Paramelt can also combine a variety of fillers, freshly ground in their equipment to ensure complete compatibility. The waxes are produced in the industry’s most advanced, custom designed blending equipment to guarantee most closely controlled hardnesses, viscosities, injection temperatures, ash contents and “pre-set” shrinkages. In the event that one of our standard, off-the-shelf waxes does not precisely match all of your injection and casting parameters, the laboratory will custom tailor a totally new formulation to your exacting specifications. Paramelt strongly believe this ability reinforces your manufacturing system and will significantly contribute to your own profitability.