Paramelt’s deep working knowledge of the investment casting process led to a search for a lower cost and effective wax alternative to expensive prototype and short-run injection dies. The solution was Protowax. This unique, machinable wax can be easily turned, milled, drilled, tapped, carved and sawed faster than many metals. Plus, being a non-abrasive wax, there is virtually no wear on cutting tools… a major cost saving.

Allowing for shrinkage of the metal to be cast, Protowax can be machined as an exact duplicate of the desired part, then invested and melted out with virtually no ash or residue. Possessing excellent stability, the amazing low expansion rate of this product essentially eliminates shell-cracking problems. It will not react with shell systems and requires no special handling. Protowax… it’s the proven alternative to reduce casting turn-around time and production costs.