Extended Life Primary Binder Primcote PLUS binder adds the benefit of extended slurry life to your primary slurry. When compared to the original, Primcote PLUS binder has increased primary slurry life by 60% at existing foundries.

Primcote PLUS binder’s extended slurry life provides your shell room with:

Primcote PLUS binder is purchased to top off the current slurry tank – requiring fewer material purchases annually.

Primcote PLUS binder also offers improved wetting capabilities over the industry’s existing primary binders. Primcote PLUS binder’s improved wetting capabilities offer your shell room:

Primcote PLUS binder continues to benefit the foundry by eliminating buckling, lifting and cracking of primary shell coats and continues to allow faster drying of primary coats with lower humidity and/or increased air circulation.

Primcote PLUS binder contains a wetting agent, an antifoam agent and a color indicator to monitor shell dryness, as well as other proprietary ingredients. This binder is also compatible with conventional refractory materials and shell room equipment.