The Fascote system, comprised of Fascote® binder and Fascote® refractory, is widely regarded as the first commercially accepted water based, backup binder system in the industry. Fascote binder is specifically formulated for use with Fascote refractory. Together, the Fascote system offers the foundry a variety of benefits.

The Fascote system can reduce shell building time to just one day, unlike the typical 4-6 day shell building time achieved with standard colloidal silica backup materials. Shell weights can also be reduced over standard colloidal silica shells, resulting in more shells produced per drum of binder and bag of refractory.

With the Fascote system, shell strength is maintained or increased over other systems’ shells, resulting in easier handling.

The Fascote system has been successfully used in casting sculpture, aerospace parts, prosthetics, turbine blades and manufacturing equipment. It can be used in numerous other applications as well. The system is just as effective on larger, more complex castings as it is on smaller ones.