Custom Blending

Principle use: For creating the perfect wax system that meets the requirements for your process.

Dip Seal Wax

Principle use: A performance enhancer when applied over reclaimed wax sprue systems.

Extruded Wax

Principle use: To work in conjunction with a wax runner system in order to provide support and clean evacuation of the mould.


Principle use:A machinable wax for rapid prototypes.

Sticky Wax

Principle use: A rapid and effective method for joining similar or dissimilar waxes when constructing a sprue assembly.

Utility and Patching Wax

Principle use: This can be used for a variety of applications.

Water Soluble Wax

Principle use: For creating soluble cores for the investment casting industry.

Pattern Wax

Principle use: A high performance wax which gives you consistent dimensional accuracy.

Sprue Wax

Principle use: For the gating system in investment casting where high strength and low melting point are critical.