Principle use: In the investment casting industry, the main use of Aluminosilicate is in backup slurries and as a backup stucco.

Customcote® Binder

Principle use: Customcote binder can be used for primary and backup shell coats. It can also be used with a variety of refractories depending on the individual foundry’s process and casting requirements.

Deluxcote® Concentrate

Principle use: Deluxcote concentrate is a fiber-based material that reduces backup coats while building a shell that withstands the stresses of handling, dewax and pouring. When added to Levasil® FO830 colloidal silica, Deluxcote concentrate allows foundries to reduce shell coats without sacrificing shell strength.

Fascote® System

Principle use: The Fascote system, comprised of Fascote® binder and Fascote® refractory, is widely regarded as the first commercially accepted water based, backup binder system in the industry. Fascote binder is specifically formulated for use with Fascote refractory. Together, the Fascote system offers the foundry a variety of benefits.

Levasil® Colloidal Silica

Principle use: Levasil colloidal silica is a standard slurry component and can be used in either primary or backup slurries.

Primcote® Binder

Principle use: Primcote binder provides foundries with shell coats that dry quickly while reducing, or eliminating, common metal defects caused by buckling, lifting and cracking. Primcote binder contains a wetting agent, an antifoam and a color indicator to monitor shell dryness. This binder is premixed and ready to use.

Primcote® PLUS Binder

Principle use: Primcote PLUS binder adds the benefit of extended slurry life to your primary slurry. When compared to the original, Primcote PLUS binder has increased primary slurry life by 60% at existing foundries.

Ranco-Sil Fused Silica

Principle use: Ranco-Sil fused silica is electrically fused, high purity silica. Fused silica has a low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance. These properties, along with its low density, make it an excellent refractory for use in a ceramic shell mold. Ranco-Sil fused silica is available in flour and granular forms. Ranco-Sil fused silica can be used throughout the ceramic shell. When used in the primary slurry, it may be necessary to blend with zircon depending on the alloy. Shells constructed with fused silica hold their dimensions better and are not prone to hot deformation or bulging. Shell removal from the casting, or knockout, is also easier with fused silica refractories.


Principle use: Zircon is a naturally occurring refractory mineral. It is chemically inert and is stable to very high temperatures. Zircon has a very high thermal conductivity and acts as a chill to eliminate metal mold reactions and burn-in resulting in a smooth cast surface. Zircon is available in both flour and granular form. Zircon is almost exclusively used in the primary slurry and as a primary stucco. Because of its high density, zircon provides excellent flow characteristics in a primary slurry. The round grains produce smooth casting surfaces, reducing rough casting defects.